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Derin Dow Band: Guestbook

Derin Dow

January 21, 2013

Hey everybody. Just wanted to say thanks for all of your kind remarks. I'm glad that somebody out there is enjoying my music! New tunes coming soon, I promise! - Peace

Harvey Jett ( former lead guitar for Black Oak Arkansas)

January 21, 2013

Good talking over the phone. Man, I was really impressed with all the songs. Great guitar sound and feel. Great lyrics. What else can I say. God bless and thanks for sharing.


October 1, 2012

HELLO remember me i was in your 4th grade class 39th street school
Which i know live in texas anyway you have very awesome music

Chance Rice

July 9, 2012

Great music and instrumental..lead singer is awesome..whole band is amazing! Made new fans today! Look forward to more great music!

mark thornberry

December 14, 2011

Wow! You inspire me! Clean and mean but beautiful !

James L Delk Jr.

September 5, 2011

Thats some great, great music. I luv the lead guitar. I want the album!

Belinda Bell Hartwell

February 22, 2011

I remember back in High School. Glad you're doing something you love. Congrats to the future.


June 16, 2010

The music is great, I am really enjoying the CD, and I hope you keep making more music. Keep up the awesome work. I am honored to have had you as a teacher way long ago.


January 21, 2010

I have visited your website so many times but only just noticed you have a guestbook!


September 8, 2009

Hey derin ! u keep on rockin brother, im happy for ya. Oh and by the way just went and seen rusty down at broadway tavern sat night in Madison hell ya it was kickbutt! peace out bro.....

Joakim Hansson

September 6, 2009

Cool music and site....Keep it running..

Steven Miller

August 19, 2009

Hello Darin, your website is really cool. And your voice has changed since junior high!


July 10, 2009



June 18, 2009

You are and always will be the best teacher and musician in the world.I wish you the best in your music career.SEE YOU SOON!

Toni & Connor

August 4, 2008

Nice to see you in Madison at the Aura reunion. Wish we could have chatted a little more. Congratulations again-would like to have met her. Anyway, the band sounded awesome after 26 years! Connor had a great time and wanted to talk to you so bad-guess you're a celebrity to him. Keep in touch.


May 29, 2008

you put awsesome music. you are the best teacher. rock and roll awesome

isaac fernie frend

May 29, 2008

you are the best are a cool rock star


May 19, 2008

You are the greatest singer I ever heard. From Your student Angel


May 19, 2008

your awesome and cool


May 19, 2008

your awesome

Barbara Murphy

April 24, 2008

So when are you playing in "Music City" USA? Not all country here ya know!!! I know you would be well received here.

Toni and Connor Olberding

February 11, 2008

Hey MUB- You have a new fan back here in Madison. Connor has listened to a few of your songs and says when you're back home that you need to come and visit. Great songs!

Mary Muehleisen

January 2, 2008

Hi, Derin,
Thanks for signing my guestbook about my brother Maury. Took some time to visit your site this a.m. Really enjoyed the look and sound. Hope this year brings you much success.


December 6, 2007

you rock dude! love your tunes. when will you play in san miguel?

Todd Brindel

October 15, 2007

Hey Derwood,
How's our "New Cake!?" @#!:?!
Cool site! Can't wait to hear your new stuff!Your long lost AURA band Bud.
Todd Brindel

August 9, 2007

Hey Derin,
Great web-site..!!
All the Hambrick kids say...."You RocK"

Jon The Killer Bare

August 5, 2007

Great drum sounds !!! Who recorded them?